The Motivation Alliance®

About The Motivation Alliance®


The Motivation Alliance is the result of over two decades of experience helping people to live stronger, healthier, more effective lives.  The core of the Alliance is the Daily Challenge: a simple task to help you focus on ways to super charge your health.  Completing these challenges earns you points in the Alliance and helps you to level up, earn badges and be a stronger player.  

In addition to the Daily Challenges, the Alliance offers a rich environment for logging workouts and tracking fitness-related progress.  You will also want to try some of the delicious, healthy recipes that we feature.  If you are looking to lose a few pounds, we also offer a diet log where you can analyze the foods you eat and compare calories eaten to calories needed.

If your biggest barrier is simply having the Motivation to make a change, the Alliance offers tools and information that can help you define or clarify your personal reasons for pivoting toward better health.  We will help you set up goals and track your successes (or challenges) in meeting them.

The Alliance is also a very social environment: you will enjoy collecting Allies, keeping a shared journal with them and earning extra points for your shared achievements.  Think of the Alliance as a community of health-minded people.  Spending time in this community will give you the support that you need to succeed. While here, we give you many opportunities to both share your progress and to provide kudos and support to other participants.

Sharing the journey is purely optional, of course, and you'll find that you have a great deal of control over the privacy of your data.  In addition, the Alliance is hosted on a hardened, ultra-secure information environment so that your more sensitive information - such as your health status and biometric measurements - is both safe and private.  Depending on the privacy policies of your site, Coaches at your facility may have access to your data so that they can help you to achieve your goals.